Opening Plenary Session

Which Driving Forces Determine the Developments of the Future? Environmental Impact, Innovation or Economy?

Klaus Jackel Chair Opening Plenary EuroBrake 2014Klaus Jäckel
Mercedez-Benz Trucks|Daimler AG

Philippe Dufrenoy Chair Opening Plenary EuroBrake 2014Philippe Dufrénoy
University of Lille




In an increasingly global and mobilised world, continuing increases in the environmental impact of road, rail and air traffic push us towards environmentally responsible behavior.

How can we act?

Increased demand in mobility is not distributed equally world-wide, but the density of traffic rises everywhere, since necessary infrastructure measures cannot be transformed and established in time with demand. A higher density of traffic automatically brings a greater hazard potential, to which innovative solutions and efficient diagnostic systems can be introduced as reactionary measures.

Are we on the right path?

The growth of demand for mobility is enormous. As well as intelligent solutions, this requires solutions that are fast and readily available in the market.

Do our development processes permit this?


Rainer Muller-Fineldei Opening Plenary Session Panel EuroBrake 2014Mercedes-Benz Trucks Safe Drive Technologies
Rainer-Müller Finkeldei

Truck Product Engineering (Mercedes-Benz Trucks)
Director Mechatronics


Andreas Schäfer Opening Plenary Panel EuroBrake 2014Transportation in a Climate Constrained World
Prof. Andreas Schäfer

Professor of Energy and Transport
UCL Energy Institute


François Cabillon Opening Plenary Panel EuroBrake 2014ALSTOM: Brake Railway Challenges for the Future
François Cabillon

RSC Global Engineering Chief Braking Engineer
ALSTOM Transport

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